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diff --git a/rcp/302 b/rcp/302 @@ -0,0 +1,63 @@ +Introduced by the Skeletal Cardinal + += Article I - Definitions = +The Active Players are all players who have not yet forfeited. An Eldritch +Personality is a character roleplayed by a particular Active Player. In this +rule, "attendee" or "attendees" refers exclusively to Active Players in +attendance; those present who are not Active Players are not "attendees." + += Article II - Timing and Content = +A voice chat session will be scheduled and held following every complete circuit +of turns and before the next circuit begins. Attendance is not mandatory, but +the voice chat session must be explicitly scheduled. + +If desired, any attendee may propose to ignore or supersede any part of the +meeting structure described in this rule. This proposal may be accepted by a +simple majority vote between all attendees. If no such proposal passes a vote, +default to the structure and content described here. + +There will be two distinct components to each voice chat session: (1) the +Preamble, and (2) the Eldritch Assembly. + +There is no required length for the Post-Circuit Voice Chat, but a guideline is +10 minutes plus 5 minutes per attendee. Typically 5 minutes will be allotted to +the Preamble, 5 to conclude the Eldritch Assembly, and 5 minutes allotted to +each attendee for speeches, roleplay, etc. It is expected (though not strictly +required) that all attendees will say at least a few words. + += Article III - The Preamble == +== Article III-A - Purposes of the Preamble == +The Preamble of the voice chat session will serve three purposes: + +(1) To commemorate and reflect upon the overall player experience of the +previous circuit of turns, + +(2) To generally discuss Nomic (including, but not limited to, clarifications +and personal opinions) and its manifestation in the world of TNS, + +(3) To discuss the current legislative process, its effectiveness, clarity, and +fun, and possible revisions which might be made to improve player enjoyment. + +== Article III-B - Preamble Conduct and Priority == +The Preamble is designed to solicit player feedback and keep things fun for +everyone. Accordingly, attendees are expected to participate out of character, +and not as their Eldritch Personalities. + +When time is a concern, the Preamble has priority over the Eldritch Assembly. If +it is necessary to extend the Preamble, but the meeting has a limited duration, +the necessary time will be taken from the Eldritch Assembly. + += Article IV - The Eldritch Assembly = +The Eldritch Assembly is dedicated to roleplay, in-character speeches, etc. This +is an opportunity for players to air in-character grievances, celebrate +in-character victories, gain a greater understanding of their Eldritch +Personalties, and strengthen attendees' confidence in roleplay for the upcoming +circuit of turns. + +The Eldritch Assembly is, in-universe, assumed to take place within some sort of +building or other meeting space. Eldritch Personalities are not permitted to +leave this space during the assembly. Furthermore, the Eldritch Personalities +are assumed to be the only significant characters in the room; players may not +improvise the presence of other important characters. Likewise, players should +avoid referencing events which would significantly affect the game's universe, +if such events are not already an established part of the lore.