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2022-06-10 11:43Revert "add links to readme"Egg Milk Soup1+2-2
2022-06-10 11:34add links to readmeEgg Milk Soup1+2-2
2022-06-10 11:16add type check before accessing contentEgg Milk Soup1+1-1
2022-06-10 02:39fix some compiler errorsEgg Milk Soup3+8-3
2022-06-09 17:25add some basic error handlingEgg Milk Soup1+6-0
2022-06-09 14:29fix syntax errorEgg Milk Soup1+1-4
2022-06-06 05:03add imageSkylar Hill2+2-0
2022-06-06 02:13Update helpSkylar Hill1+7-1
2022-06-06 02:08Add new item and item rename functionsSkylar Hill5+79-29
2022-06-06 00:30updateSkylar Hill1+1-0
2022-06-06 00:25Refactor help display for easier editingSkylar Hill1+26-21
2022-06-06 00:09update readmeSkylar Hill1+1-1
2022-06-05 23:38Add edit functionSkylar Hill5+81-22
2022-06-05 19:41Small refactor after discovering NimYaml actually defines a pairs iterator for nodesSkylar Hill2+9-9
2022-06-05 14:58Support multi-line descriptionSkylar Hill2+27-10
2022-06-05 14:12Big code refactor and style updateSkylar Hill4+308-242
2022-06-05 12:13I'm in the directory now yaySkylar Hill1+1-1
2022-06-05 12:11Error handling for calculating nonexistent expressionsSkylar Hill1+14-1
2022-06-05 09:27Merge branch 'master' of skylarhill.me:skylar/rpgsheetSkylar Hill1+0-0
2022-06-05 09:27Update usageSkylar Hill1+2-4
2022-06-05 09:24Delete 'rpgsheet'skylar1+0-0
2022-06-05 09:00Add installation instructionsSkylar Hill1+9-0
2022-06-05 08:24Update 'README.md'skylar1+1-1
2022-06-05 08:23Update 'README.md'skylar1+1-1
2022-06-05 08:20Update 'README.md'skylar1+2-2
2022-06-05 08:17Add more documentationSkylar Hill2+59-10
2022-06-05 07:41increment versionSkylar Hill1+1-1
2022-06-05 07:41Add help menu, fix write commandSkylar Hill1+59-18
2022-06-05 07:04Add scrolling through items within a windowSkylar Hill1+24-7
2022-06-05 06:04Add simple tab-completion for writing out expressionsSkylar Hill2+13-1
2022-06-05 05:38Capitalize first word even if it's normally not capitalizedSkylar Hill1+9-6
2022-06-05 05:20Re-add sleep between cycles so it doesn't cook my cpuSkylar Hill1+1-1
2022-06-05 04:59Add write command and simple value increment/decrementSkylar Hill4+56-9
2022-06-05 02:47Add tilde as separator, gets translated to hyphenSkylar Hill3+6-3
2022-06-05 02:20Increment version numberSkylar Hill1+1-1
2022-06-05 02:19Switch separator character for identifiers to underscoreSkylar Hill3+84-84
2022-06-05 01:44Fix bug that causes crash when expression is not setSkylar Hill2+4-1
2022-06-04 21:32More error messagesSkylar Hill2+10-5
2022-06-04 21:13Add parser error handling, increment versionSkylar Hill2+8-2
2022-06-04 08:03Add Ctrl+U clear command shortcutSkylar Hill1+5-1
2022-06-04 00:30Add roll command, extend capability of roll verbSkylar Hill4+40-7
2022-06-03 20:20increment versionSkylar Hill1+1-1
2022-06-03 20:20Start implementing command mode, switch description-scroll bindings to brackets, fix empty window crash bugSkylar Hill3+143-60
2022-06-02 21:06Various refactors and refinementsSkylar Hill4+77-157
2022-06-02 07:48Add description scrolling feature with pageup/pagedown (ctrlJ and ctrlK aren't working for some reasonSkylar Hill2+16-3
2022-06-02 07:07Add dnd5e template, make small bugfixes and improvementsSkylar Hill5+398-43
2022-06-02 04:37remove binary added by mistakeSkylar Hill1+0-0
2022-06-02 03:34Add basic TUISkylar Hill7+380-69
2022-05-31 01:15Add licenseSkylar Hill1+674-0
2022-05-31 01:12First commitSkylar Hill4+111-0